Handcrafted products made with imported full grain veg-tan leather from the finest tanneries in Italy.

Limited Series

Scarce combinations crafted with a wider selection of leather finishes and thread colors.

Once sold, items that were added to the Limited Series will be removed and another rare composition will be posted.

  • Branding

    The name grooverhide comes from two words. "groover", a tool used to mark the stitch line, and "hide", a word that describes leather.

    The Logo is an abstract continuous line that represents cattle and highlights different sections in a hide.

  • What is Patina?

    Patina is the character that develops over time, rendering the leather smoother, darker and shinier.

    Every leather has its particular way of aging; the same hide could even show slight variations, making each product unique.

  • The Stitch

    All items are handstitched using a very durable polyester waxed thread that is made in Italy by SLAM.

    So far, the X stitch is part of the brand identity and it can only be made by hand.

    No machine can pull it off.